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Hi, my name is Jill and I completed the candida cleanse a few weeks ago.  I have to say, I feel great!  I didn’t think I could give up some of the foods that I had to give up for 30 days, but I did and it was actually pretty easy.  I believe it is because when the body gets clean, the cravings disappear.  Throughout the program, I had continuous support from the staff at Eden.  I was able to text or call whenever I wanted, and I took advantage of that!  They were SUPER nice and informative!  I lost 8 lbs. in 30 days and 10 inches.  I also gained energy and most importantly lost all cravings for chocolate and sweets.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone, but only if done through Eden.  I don’t know if I would have been able to complete it on my own without the menu ideas, support, and advice from the staff.  I also enjoyed the relaxing foot baths and body wraps that were a part of the program.  I will continue to buy Eden products for myself and my kids in order to stay healthy.

Jill R.

La Verne, California

I didn’t realize all of the minor symptoms I was suffering from until I took the Candida screening survey and then realized it even more as I was going through the M’lis Detoxification Program.  I thank Stephanie and Eden for introducing me to the detox cleanse.  It’s not something that I had originally planned to do and after learning more about it, it wasn’t something that I thought I was capable of doing.  I am very glad that I did the cleanse, proud that I was able to successfully complete it and grateful for the help and support from Stephanie, Darlene and Heather.  During the program I had more energy, lost weight and felt great.  While on the program, I didn’t suffer from headaches, acid reflux, leg cramps, or IBS.  The program forced me to stay away from fast food and spend more time in the kitchen.  I created new eating habits, became more mindful of clean eating and the way food makes me feel and feel more regulated. I truly believe in this program and am glad I went through it, and will cleanse again in the future.  Thank you, Eden.

Kelli R.

Corona, California

After seeing the results Heather (my Pilates instructor) had after she did the Candida Program, I went to Eden to get tested.  I was looking for weight loss and to better my health in general.  The program was easy to follow, eat this way, take these supplements and come in for a few aqua foot baths and detox body wraps.  I was pleased by the results, but really noticed when customers would ask me if something was wrong when I had dropped my weight.  It has changed my lifestyle for good; I don’t eat chips or snack on candy which was something I had craved prior.  I still enjoy my wine and the occasional cigar but I’m still on the M’lis Daily six and do a mini detox quarterly, for a jump start when I’ve added in some sugar.

John F.

La Verne, California

I knew something was wrong when I drove my car through a red light at Azusa and Badillo one early Sunday morning on the way to church.  I had been struggling with mild depression, lethargy, fatigue, bloating after every meal, gas (not fun for the family), ear, nose and throat problems, sinus infections, mono and mucus.  The list was much longer but that’s a start.  I spoke to Stephanie and she had me come into Eden for a screening. Unbeknownst to me, I had Candida and had transferred it to my husband.  Having Candida on the brain didn’t help us focus either.  After the two hour long consult we had our items and headed out to buy food.  The yes list and no list were a little overwhelming because I do most of the meal prep and I was going to be not only going through the process by myself, I would also have to assist my husband.  We literally ate avocados, salad, oatmeal, ground turkey meat over brown rice until I could figure it all out.  While I was experiencing my healing crisis his seemed much worse.  We ate the chocolate instant meal to help us feel better when we felt like something sweet.  I found the food was simple, yet satisfying.  As the program went on we began to add more things as directed on the calendar and I found I did better eating more clean food, I loved the lemon mixture (liquid days) and even though we had to bring all our food/liquid to work daily it was so worth it.  Even my husband who has to walk a mile into work from where he parks didn’t mind the extra baggage.  At the end of 30 days I was experiencing a lot of drainage and healing crisis, so we decided to go 60 days instead of 30.  After thirty days we had to travel to Wyoming and I was worried that I would starve.  Not only do they sell Distilled Water in the airport, I could buy everything I needed at the Albertson’s in Cody, WY.  We even went out to eat two times.  By this time the program was easy to follow, my head was clear and focused.  I can’t stress how important following the calendar was for me, I needed it spelled out.  There is a lot for you to eat and the journal and services will help you along your journey.  Another thing that helped me were the aqua detox foot baths and body wraps. When I was feeling a little unmotivated or tired, Stephanie reminded me to just get out in the sun, take a walk, it made a big difference.  I got a lot of encouragement from the entire team at Eden.  All my services were done by ladies who’ve been through program so I could bounce ideas of them or ask questions if I needed help on something.  I never felt like I would fail.

Heather B.

San Dimas, California

My wife woke me up to take the Candida screening and I was ready for whatever the outcome.  I knew something was wrong because my energy was low, I needed to eat every four hours or I would get a migraine, I would wake up tired after I had a solid 7-8 hours of sleep, I would get indigestion after every meal and I lived on ibuprofen for daily headaches.  Once I began taking the detox herb I got a full-on migraine, I had to call in sick.  That is not something that I normally do, I don’t get sick.  Apparently I was addicted to caffeine and removing that from my daily diet was not easy.  We have done several mini detox’s since the 60-day Candida Program and I’ve come to the conclusion that coffee and sugar need to be eliminated from my diet.  We have also chosen to be Gluten and yeast free.  I’ve learned to like vegetables where I would not have chosen them before.  I used to eat red meat and now I rarely do.  I have no pills or prescriptions in my medicine cabinet.  I stay on the M’lis Daily six and have added other supplements from M’lis for health benefits.  We are juicing and looking to incorporate a raw, live plant based diet.  Thanks to Eden I have more energy and no more migraines. 

Joshua B.

San Dimas, California