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Relief - Muscle & Joint Aid

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M’lis RELIEF is a natural treatment for arthritis, stiffness, swollen joints, and muscular aches and pains. It assists in body healing through a combination of herbs that help rebuild and strengthen body tissue, increase joint lubrication, and reduce inflammation around the joints to assist in body healing.




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•Increases body healing by cleansing accumulated toxins and waste material
•Strengthens all vital organs
•Increases joint lubrication
•Reduces inflammation


Alfalfa (Leaf )
Licorice Root
Sarsaparilla (Root)
Burdock (Root)
72 Trace Minerals
Yucca (Root)
Devils Claw (Root)
Prickly Ask Bark


200 capsules

Suggested Use

Suggested Use:
2-3 capsules, three times daily
  • 2 capsules three times daily lasts 33 days
  • 3 capsules three times daily lasts 22 days


Helpful Hint:

This is an ideal product for athletes to use in conjunction with Glucosamine


Shelf Life:


7 years