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Lift - Non Surgical Face Lift Masque

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A superior lifting and tightening facial masque that stimulates cell renewal without dehydrating. M’lis LIFT draws imbedded impurities out of the pores of the skin through reverse osmosis. Specialized enzymes and amino acids help induce the fibroblast cells to start reproducing new collagen fibers and elastin strands. This is essential for progressive results in the restoration of skin elasticity and resilience. LIFT is a natural alternative to the surgical face lift. May be used prior to an event for its immediate lifting results.




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•Smooths wrinkles
•Reduces enlarged pores
•Reduces acne
•Eliminates blackheads
•Tightens drooping and sagging skin
•Softens fine lines


RNA Factor
Egg Protein
Hydrolyzed Elastin
Soybean Protein
Milk Powder Protein
Hazelnut Powder
Aloe Barbadensis Powder
Vitamin C
Bee Pollen Extract
Hydrolyzed Oat Flower

Suggested Use

Suggested Use:
Mix 1 teaspoon of M’lis LIFT powder with 3/4 teaspoon of M’lis ACTIVATE. Form a thin creamy paste. Apply the masque in upward strokes with a facial brush. Remove the masque by wetting with warm water and wiping gently with facial sponges and plenty of tepid water (ACTIVATE may be used and assist in the removal of masque).


Shelf Life:


5 years






Tips and Tricks

After cleansing and exfoliating, your treatment will commence by mixing 1 tsp. of M’lis LIFT powder with ¾ tsp. of ACTIVATE. A creamy paste is formed with the consistency of melted ice cream. Mix thoroughly to eliminate any lumps in the mixture.

Apply the masque with a facial brush. Starting at the collarbone and using upward lift-marketing-diredctions.pngstrokes, cover the front and sides of the neck. Include the area behind the ears to provide an anchor for the lifting process. The face should be covered to the hairline, starting at the chin and working upward. It is important to cover the circular muscles around the eyes. Even the eyelids above the orbital bone may be covered.

Drying: The greatest single factor influencing sagging skin is gravity. The weight of the skin, muscles, and the moisture in the cells is constantly being pulled down while sitting or standing. Therefore, for best results, it is essential that you lie down throughout the drying phase of the masque. You can use gravity to assist in the lifting process by lying down on a slant board or on a bed with the feet and legs elevated on a pillow during this time.

As the masque dries, it will become very tight. This means that the masque is working. During the 10 to 15 minutes drying time, you may experience tingling or itching. Do not be alarmed and do not scratch. You may tap lightly with a fingertip until the sensation leaves. During this time, it is essential that you do not talk. If the masque is cracked, the lifting forces are reduced and results diminished. For maximum benefit around the eyes, keep the eyes closed during the rest period. As the masque is drying you may see indentation-like bubbles. Again, do not be alarmed as these may appear and are indicative of slack skin tone.

The masque should remain on for 60 minutes, as the enzymes responsible for the progressive tightening and toning only start to work after the first half hour has elapsed. For deep cleansing, a partial masque (from neck to hairline) is all that is required and need only remain on for 30 minutes.

Removal: Soften the masque by flooding it generously with warm water or by applying a warm wet towel. You will feel the masque loosen. When the masque has been sufficiently softened, wipe off gently with a wash cloth and plenty of tepid water (M’lis WASH or GREEN TEA CLEANSER may be used to remove the remainder of the masque from the skin). Do not rub or stretch skin. Pat dry with a soft cloth. Follow up with M’lis nourishing and moisturizing products.